Tutorial: Hardware Anonymization

The Internet has become a financial trap. Lawyers demand money from the people, due of IP addresses. Whether they have actually committed a crime or not. Nothing special is necessary. An IP address has insisted in court. And so pensioners have been forced to pay, even though they had never heard of file sharing. Moreover, even people without internet have already been prosecuted.

For a long time I have a strange feeling, because it can affect anyone. And it can also meet me at any time. Even if I am innocent and have nothing to do with file sharing, I can not refute it, because its judged due to an IP address. The IP address is above all.

The politicians leaves people in the lurch, and even the experts can not do anything. So you have to do something, and that means anonymization. With an anonymizing service provider ( HideMyAss.com [UK] or PrivateVPN.com [SE] ), all data will sent and received over an encrypted VPN tunnel,  retrieves the data with a public SERVER-POOL IP address and forwards it to your personal computer through the VPN tunnel . The current actual IP address of your Internet connection is thus not used in public.

Here is a list of the best VPN Service Providers: LINK 


Normally a hardware solution is not trivial, but here is a really easy solution:

You need a VPN-Router for the VPN Connection to a VPN-Service Provider. You can use this VPN-Router to connect all your internet devices  (Desktop/Tablet/…) over Wifi/LAN.

What you need is:

1. VPN-Router: Asus RT-N16 N300
2. VPN-Router Firmware “Tomato” and the Config File for the Firmware
3. VPN Service: HideMyAss.com (Client 1) or PrivateVPN.com (Client 2)




1. Goto “HideMyAss.com” or “PrivateVPN.com” and order an Account for 1 month (or a whole year) and pay with PayPal or “Prepaid” Creditcard

2. Remember the Web-Login-Data of HideMyAss / PrivateVPN, this do you need later for the VPN-Router (Asus)

3. Connect the WAN Port of the VPN-Router (Asus) with the “LAN” Port of your DSL-/Cable-Modem

4. Connect your Computer with one of the free LAN Ports of the VPN-Router (Asus)

5. Open a Browser and enter the IP: of your VPN-Router (Asus Configuration) and login with: (admin / admin)

6. Upload the Firmware File “tomato-K26USB-1.28.1MIPSR2097-IPSec.trx” over the menu: “Administration->Upgrade” of your VPN-Router (Asus)

7. After the reboot of the VPN-Router (Asus) you have to upload the Config-File “tomato_v128_mE727AA_Default.cfg“. Open the menu: “Administration->Configuration” and upload it.

8. Open the menu “Tunneling->OpenVPN Client” of the VPN-Router (Asus) and enter the Web-Login-Data of the VPN-Service (Client 1: HideMyAss.com or Client 2: PrivateVPN.com) into the Username/Password fields (without: @ and the domain!). Also here you can change the VPN-Service Server IPHideMyAss Servers / PrivateVPN Servers )

9. Activate “Start with WAN” (Checkbox) and then press “Save” and then “Start Now”

Now visit this Website 
http://www.geoiptool.com to let you show your actually IP address and here: https://www.dnsleaktest.com you can do a Leak-Test.

I also recommend to use an IP-Log App.

Now you can use the log files to explain a court that you have anonymized your connection and that the IP of the Advocate must be wrong.





VPN Tunneling Example (privatevpn.com):

screen1 screen2 screen3