World’s first C64 QUAD SID Chip: ‘BEAUTIFUL QUAD’ (Costs per SID: 5,25€)

Update 20.12.2019:

Received the Boards and tested: Beautiful 🙂

Now I’m fine tuning the C64 SID Settings .prg in Assembly language.


Looking for a cheap alternative (that’s why the 6502 was created also), I sat down and tried different things, and finally developed a QUAD-SID myself (named “BEAUTIFUL QUAD”), made PCBs and now waiting for the finished assembled boards (SMD) from China. The board costs ~1€, then you need a common developer miniboard for 20€, which you put on the board socket (very easy to handle). Since this is a QUAD-SID (4x SID, 12 Voices), this SID replica costs only 5,25€ per “SID Chip”. It can hardly be cheaper.

I am very content with it: Goal reached. 


If the Address lines are not used, the chip automatically works as a normal Mono or Stereo SID.


Hint: this is only a fast made prototype. Later I will add many more functions to it (maybe an Octa Chip version).



4 x SID 6581/8580
2 x Paddles Support and Mouse Support
Optional 2nd Audio Channel Out (Raw)
Live switchable Setting-Modes via external Switches (up to 4)
C64 Software Config PRG (Inkl. Firmware Update)
LED VU Light Effects


Raw Input Values of the Paddles (Test-Screenshot: not filtered values, in the final product the values are more accurate and “smoothed”)