C64 – A Legend

At the beginning of the 80s there was only one topic for me: Computers. The hit was the Atari VCS system. But slowly the first real home computers came up: ZX81, ZX Spectrum, C64. I didn’t really register the VC 20.

When I had the C64 at home, the time of programming had come. With its sprites, hires graphics and sound it became a cult and a legend: The best selling home computer in the world.

For 4 years I programmed and composed music with the C64, burned Eproms and dialed into mailboxes via modem. Then I switched to the Amiga 500 and made music with the Amiga.

The last few years I have done something with the C64 every now and then, and last but not least also planned a bigger project, for which I needed an emulated C64 environment. But it turned out that the emulation was not good enough. That’s why I did something new in the last 6 months, that’s culminated in the App: C64 – A legend . A better Emulator with a very simple graphical User Interface.


This is a fresh start from what I already planned last year: A C64 Multiplayer Universe. But in a different way. Most people smiled and don’t see the point. That has been with me my whole life. But just as often the critics took off their hats, what I did with my ideas. And it will be the same this time, too. Promised.



In the meantime if you want to be actively involved in this future, you can support the project by purchasing the app: