Update 05.10.2019: Compatible to Mojave

And here is another Tool that I will use for the upcoming Ludum Dare. My TimeLapse Recording Tool. This tool makes not “normal” Screenshots of the whole screen, but you can select some Apps you want to Record (you can edit the App-List in realtime while recording!) 🙂 

I’ve made this, because I don’t want to record the whole screen, and then unwanted Apps inside the Video (checking Emails, Surfing, …). I wanted to record only the Game Contest relevant Apps inside the Video. And that is the perfect solution. 

If you don’t selected some Apps, then the whole screen will be captured, like normal TimeLapse Apps.

Another special thing about the app is that it is resolution independent. No matter if FullHD or 4K monitor, the app and the included graphics are always the same size. So they adapt automatically to the resolution.



  • Selectable Apps you want to record
    (editable while recording)
  • Automatically App in Front Check
  • Also after an App crash the video is playable
  • Video Pause 
  • Screenshot interval
  • GUI is Resolution independent
  • Live Preview of the Video file possible


Tested with MacOS High Sierra