Arduino Remote Fusion A

It’s released! ūüėČ

Even though it’s only the alpha version, I’m very happy that everything works so far.

What is so special about this app? With no effort it connects Arduino with Android in a very simple way. The only thing you have to do is to connect the Arduino board with Android via USB. From then everything runs automatically in the Background.

You can experiment with the Javascript language and with the Arduino Board, create small games with the help of the Android screen (for example Analog Pong or Space Invaders). You can create completely free touch zones that act as touch buttons. Also pictures can be used. 

With the Keyboard “ESC” key you can stop/run the program. The¬†examples you can find under (Downloads/ArduinoFusionA/examples/…).¬†All used Bitmaps/Fonts/Sounds must be inside the Program Folder in the subdirectories (take a look at the example files)





Supported Boards (CDC ACM, UART FTDI 232, CH340/341, CP210):

– Arduino Bettle 32u4
– Arduino Duemilanove
– Arduino Ethernet
– Arduino Leonardo
– Arduino Mega 2560
– Arduino Mega ADK
– Arduino Micro
– Arduino Nano
– Arduino Pro Micro
– Arduino Uno