IO Serial Console (SSH | USB | BT) for Android

Actually, I just want to check my Arduino board for a moment, whether the PING works on the serial port. I downloaded some Serial Console Apps from the GooglePlay Store. What should only take a few minutes didn’t work at all.

What I needed was an app that could not only send text or hex numbers, but a mix: XY/1G (‘XY’ and /1 and ‘G’). The /1 is an ascii code: 1, which represents the length of the message (‘G’ a character).

I also noticed the badly designed app workflow of the apps. After this disappointment, and no solution, I had to program my own app. In 3 days I programmed the “IO Serial Console”, which can do more than just trigger a PING message. I added a lot of features that weren’t really necessary. But since I also like to create universal tools, I tried to cover the whole range: USB, Bluetooth and SSH with VT100 emulation (important for text editors like “vi”).

The special thing about this app is the workflow, the clarity. Central things like connecting are also central on the screen, and not hidden in a submenu.



– Very fast Settings Workflow (last used settings/file path are saved)
– Text Input/Send: Mixed Text with Ascii Codes possible (/65 => A)
– Arrow Up/Down browse through last/previous send commands
– Load and Save large Logfiles
– Auto / Manual scroll (automatically activated)
– Terminal Emulation + VT100 Emulation (More options)
– Wide Chipset Support: CDC/ACM, CP210, CH340/341, FTDI, PL2303, …
– Only 1 List for USB and Bluetooth Devices (BT must be paired!)
– Perfect File Chooser
– Many Console and Received Text Options