Android Device Network Connector (MacOS)

Normally to connect an Android Device via Network (Ethernet/Wifi) you have to use some ADB commands:

adb tcpip 5555
adb connect

For this you need also the Terminal. It’s no big deal, but often more work that should not be.

To make it easy for me I’ve created the “Android Network Device Connector”. With this Tool you can add IP’s from your Android Network Device and also connect. To activate the Network access for all Android Devices you have to connect the Android Device via USB and then press the “USB TCPIP Activation” Button. Now you can unplug the USB cable and connect the device via the Network.The added IPs + Device Names will be stored. So, everytime you opened the Tool, just select your device and press the Connect button.The app is resolution independent, which means that the app window and the contained elements automatically adapt to the monitor resolution.

Tested with MacOS High Sierra
and Android 7,8.0,8.1


Download: <In order to finance everything that belongs to it, the downloads will be activated after a donation>

Thanks for your support!