AC64LIB: C64 Shadow Switcher Game

It’s time, the alpha version of the AC64Lib is so far advanced, that I could show with the C64 Game “Shadow Switcher”, that you can present a finished C64 game in about 3 days from scratch (the original game “Shadow Switcher” from Christian Gleinser aka Dr. Wuro Industries, you can get here:

This is made possible by the built-in editors for sprites, fonts, maps and music, as well as a memory tool with which you can copy data from existing games live, and paste it into your own game immediately with the help of the C64 editors. The control flow takes place under Android/Java. With the Java programming language you have easily control about your Sprites, Charsets and Screen/Memory. Horizontal and vertical smooth scrolling and also Sprite-Multiplexing is no complicated task anymore, the AC64Lib has build in functions that doing the job for you.

AC64Lib: Link