Light Spectrometer

This is my new Light Spectrometer App for MacOS. I needed this App to check my glasses with blue light filter, how much blue light is blocked from my computer monitor (used Webcam: ODROID USB-CAM 720P for $19,99)

The app has two modes:

1. “Load Mode” to load Light Spectrum images
2. “Camera Mode” to analyze USB Live-Cam light spectrum projections

To be able to use a different mode you have to restart the app.



If you want to use an USB Live Cam, you have to connect the USB Cam and then start the app.

If you want to load light spectrum images, you have to disconnect the USB cam and start the app.






With the controls “X Offset” and “X Scale” you can synchronize the colors of the upper image and the lower light spectrum (wavelengths). Then you get a correct light spectrum measurement. The app is resolution independent, which means that the app window and the contained elements automatically adapt to the monitor resolution.

With this app you can build a DIY Light Spectrometer easily. 


Testet with MacOS High Sierra


Download: <In order to finance everything that belongs to it, the downloads will be activated after a donation>

Thanks for your support!