Android App Analyzer

To find Memory leaks inside Android Apps, or to check the CPU usage, you can use the command line tool adb, or the “Android Profiler” inside Android Studio (debugging CPU load is to high in my opinion, and you can not use it in production mode). Both solutions are not ideal for me, also because I work with Eclipse. That’s the reasons why I’ve written my own Android App Analyser for MacOS. 

With this App you can select your connected USB or Network Android Device, and then set the App package name of the App you want to analyse. With the IP Field and with the “Add” Button you can add Network Android Devices to the Devices Selector. The whole App is resizable and resolution independent. This means that no matter what monitor resolution you set, all elements adjust the size automatically.

Note: You have to enable the USB Developer option on the Android device. To add a network device you must first connect the device via USB and click on the “Start” button. Then you can disconnect the USB cable and connect the device via the network. The Network Chart is system wide, not limited to the selected app!


Tested with MacOS High Sierra
and Android 7,8.0,8.1


Download: <In order to finance everything that belongs to it, the downloads will be activated after a donation>

Thanks for your support!