C64 SIDTunes Oscilloscope (Analyser / Player / Creator)

At this time I’m constantly programming my AC64Lib and also some new Tools inside, like Sprite-Editor, Charset-Editor, Map-Editor, Memory-Analyzer and Ripper … last but not least a Music Editor (not a Tracker! It’s more like a Sequenzer with horizontal scrolling Tracks).

For this Music Editor I’ve written a sound routine, but to see whether everything is working properly, I wanted to check it visually. I’ve seen some Oscilloscope Views from awesome SID Tunes and I thougt that is something that I can code for my AC64Lib. And because it was done very fast, I’ve made also a handy SID Tune Oscilloscope for my Mac: C64 SIDTune Oscilloscope Analyzer

This App can also Render Video files of SID Oscilloscope Views and it’s resolution independent. It means, that with 2k or 4k or 8k resolutions the App and his Elements have always the same size.






Tested with MacOS High Sierra


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