IMU Visualizer Tool

I need this IMU Visualizer tool to test IMU chips. I think everyone knows the Teapot App and other similar apps, but the problem with these tools is you don’t have many options. With my new tool you can change the string separator and remove substrings. You have a dropdown menu to select the USB device and a “R” (Refresh) button to refresh the USB List. Also you can send a String to the USB Device.

If a string Line with 4 values are received, they will be taken as quaternion (W,X,Y,Z) and projected onto the 3D model. If 3 values are received, they are considered Roll, Pitch and Yaw and are projected onto the 3D model (Updated 29.10.2018: fixed Rotation for Roll, Pitch, Yaw Values).

This App is screen resolution independent. On FullHD and 4K monitors the elements have the same size.



Here you can download the new Tool:

Download: <In order to finance everything that belongs to it, the downloads will be activated after a donation>

Thanks for your support!