MultiWii Config GUI (MacOS): Fixes and Auto-Screenscale

(4K Screen)


Currently I am working with different IMU chips to get a stable 3D Room sensor. Among other things I tried a Flyduino board, which has a MPU 6050 chip onboard. I remembered a graphic tool where a 3D object shows the position of the sensor: MultiWii Config GUI. But the old version didn’t work, because it still needs the old Java 6 for MacOS. After a long search I found a way to bypass this limitation.

But the GUI has its weaknesses. On the one hand there are USB problems with the device selection menu, on the other hand the graphic elements and the font are to small with 4K monitors.That’s why I changed some things and made it more usable for MacOS. Now the frame and all elements adapt to the monitor resolution automatically. The new version you can download here (down below).

Fixed Bugs:

  • Screen Elements and Font very small
  • Connected Serial Port is freezing the whole App
  • DropDown Text is not vertical centered
  • DropDown Item not clickable with Mouse Drag Events (very annoying)
  • Load/Save: The last used Directory was not preselected


Download: <In order to finance everything that belongs to it, the downloads will be activated after a donation>

Thanks for your support!