Screen Recorder for Android + System Sound Audio Loop Adapter

In the future I will make some videos of some Android Apps, so I need a Screen Recorder. I’ve tested some in the GooglePlay Store, but either the app crashed, made bad recordings, or was too complicated with 100 settings. Well, whatever, so I had to do something of my own again.

The result is my free “IO Screen Recorder”

The funny thing about the app is, it has no settings. It does the work without any work at all. With this app you get very high quality FullHD Videos (incl. Audio: AAC, 2 Channels 48K@192 Kbps) with one Button press. When you return to the app and finish recording, the Video Manager opens with the “Movies” directory (Google Photos). There you can play or edit the video (play + cut button) and upload it to YouTube (share button). On some devices with the “Google Photos” App you have to press “Albums” to see the “Movies” Folder. Then you can play + cut the movie and send it to YouTube (share button).

Hint (Landscape/Portrait): If you want to record a video in Landscape format, then first rotate the device into Landscape and then press the Record Button. If you want to record a video in Portrait format, then first rotate the device into Portrait and then press the Record Button. 



If you want to record “System Sound” (not possible with Android), then you have to build a small Audio Loop Adapter like this with an 3,3uF Electrolytic capacitor and a 2,2KΩ resistor (1,5-4,7KΩ). It’s routing the Headphones signal into the Mic Input. So you get a crystal clear System Sound recording session.





For AndroidTV you have to use an external USB Sound Card like SoundBlaster2 USB (link), then the AndroidTV has a microphone, and you can use the Adapter.