Mac C64 File Operator

Updated 12.09.2019: Fixed File Copy for PRG -> D64 Disks

I have programmed a small tool: “Mac C64 File Operator“. With this tool you can quickly and easily manage D64 Image Files and also transfer some 1541 disks or single files between the good old 1541 Drive and MacOS. If you want transfer files from and to the 1541 Drive, then you have to use an Arduino ProMicro (see below). With the 8 additional parallel lines, not only nibble copy is possible, but also the transmission of a complete D64 disk takes only about 35 seconds.


At the first start you have to enter your administrator password, and after one second the complete driver installation for the Arduino ProMicro is done. From normal XUM1541 access to Nibble Copy, everything works right away. You can start immediately. Tested with MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4



  • Resolution independent program interface (no matter whether FullHD or 4K)
  • Everything completely ready for the Arduino ProMicro board + XUM1541 cable
  • Automatic XUM1541 driver installation after program start
  • ProMicro XUM1541 Firmware upload with simple “Flash Firmware” button
  • Supported files: .d64/.g64/.nib/.prg/.p00/.t64
  • Nibble Backup ready
  • Launch programs directly from the 1541 floppy or D64 folders or files
  • Simple and clear interface



On the hardware side, an Arduino Pro Micro and a serial 6-pin cable are sufficient for normal data transmission (left picture). If you want to create copy-protected backups, then you need 8 additional lines (parallel cable D0-D7, right picture), which you know from floppy speeders like Speeddos Plus, and which are connected between the Floppy 1541 and the Arduino ProMicro.



Connection Hint: First you have to connect the Arduino ProMicro USB with a Mac USB Port, then the C64/1541 Serial Cable, finally switch on the 1541 Power. You have to do it in reverse order, if you remove the ProMicro. After the firmware flash, you have to remove the ProMicro from all connections (USB and Serial Cable).









Infos: D64OpenCBM, XUM1541