Wattmeter for Android Raspberry Pi 3 (ThingsPiLib)

After I created a WattMeter for Android with an Odroid C2 (a year ago: link), now I wanted to create it with a Raspberry Pi 3 and my ThingsPiLib (link).


What you need:

  • RaspberryPi 3 Board + RasPiO Analog Zero HAT
  • AndroidThings SDCard Image V4.0  (Based on AndroidThings Preview 0.7 / Android 8.1)
  • RTC 3231 (Realtime Clock Module)
  • Lego NXT Light Sensor
  • 10 K Ohm Resistor


The new Android WattMeter App (Service) is running automatically after boot up (boot time ~20s with SanDisk Ultra 8GB). I’ve also updated the WattMeter Screen for MacOS, and has more options as the old WattMeter for Odroid C2. Also I fixed some bugs.


WattMeter Screen for MacOS:

  • “Set RTC” – Change the Time of the RTC DS 3231 Module
  • “Live Data” – will show the actually measured NXT Light Sensor Analog Value
  • “Set Thres” – Set the Analog Threshold value (detection value: 0-1023)
  • “Delete all Data” – Delete all local (Mac) and remote (Android) data