Playing Android Games with ‘TOUCH4’ Apps without Root

With my new “Touch4” Apps for Gamepad, Keyboard & Mouse, Wii Remote and Wireless Gamepads you can play “Touch based” GooglePlay games without root. These Apps are working with a small Arduino Board via USB, that you can get anywhere for little money.

All what you need to do is connect one of the standard and popular consoles gamepads via USB (PS4, PS3 Sixaxis, XBox One or wired USB XBox 360 Controller), an USB Keyboard & Mouse, a Wii Remote or an USB Wireless Stick (MAGIC-NS/8Bitdo/JAMSWALL) then you can start right away without worrying about how to hack the Android device, which client/server programs to install on Android and the PC, or how to enable the Developer Options Menu.


Example: Darkness Rises on AndroidTV (NVidia Shield TV)



Touch4Gamepad: Video GooglePlay
Touch4Keyboard/Mouse: Video GooglePlay
Touch4W Remote: Video GooglePlay
Touch4Wireless:   GooglePlay
Touch4Gamepad (for TV): Video GooglePlay
Touch4Keyboard/Mouse (for TV): Video GooglePlay
Touch4W Remote (for TV): Video GooglePlay
Touch4Wireless (for TV):   GooglePlay


You can choose one of these Arduino boards, then you can play almost any touch game with the Gamepad (PS4, PS3 Sixaxis, XBox One, XBox 360 “Wired” Controller, and Logitech Rumblepad 2). 

*NEW* If you want to use your Gamepad Wireless, then you can use these Wireless USB Sticks to make it happen:


Hardware you need for:

Touch4Gamepad Beetle 32u4 or ProMicro or Leonardo
Touch4KeyboardMouse Beetle 32u4 or ProMicro or Leonardo
Touch4W Remote (Wii) Leonardo & USB Host Shield & USB CSR 4.0 BT Dongle
Touch4Wireless Beetle 32u4 or ProMicro or Leonardo  & Mayflash Magic-NS



Hint: With the new Amazon Tablet 10 HD 2017 you have to connect the USB-Arduino-Device first and then the USB-Gamepad (the PS4-Controller is not working).