Wattmeter for Android (ThingsLib)

I had built a WattMeter for Arduino (one year ago: link). It works quite well, but with a very slow SDCard and very slow network connection. And finally, I had several network problems. It takes minutes to transfer all the data from the Arduino board to my Mac. With the new Odroid C2 Board it only takes Miliseconds.

So, it was time for Android and my ThingsLib (link) for the ODroid C2.


What you need:

  • ODroid C2 Board
  • Android 5.1.1 (Hardkernel >= V 1.9) or Android 6.0.1
  • RTC 3231 (Realtime Clock Module)
  • Lego NXT Light Sensor
  • 10 K Ohm Resistor


The new Android WattMeter App (Service) is running automatically after boot up (boot time ~20s with SanDisk Ultra 8GB). I’ve also updated the WattMeter Screen for MacOS, and has more options as the old WattMeter for Arduino. Also I fixed some bugs.




WattMeter Screen for MacOS:


  • “Set RTC” – Change the Time of the RTC DS 3231 Module
  • “Live Data” – will show the actually measured NXT Light Sensor Analog Value
  • “Set Thres” – Set the Analog Threshold value (detection value: 0-1023)
  • “Delete all Data” – Delete all local (Mac) and remote (Android) data