C64 Emulator Box Single Board Solution

Update 29.04.2018: Fixed Sound Delay and wobbly ReSID Sound, USB Gamepads and other things. This new version is snappier with low latency (Joystick + Sound) Delay Link

Update 29.12.2017: Fixed Disk Change while gaming (was not possible), now the new C64 Game “Sam’s Journey” is working fine and smooth 🙂

It took 2 years to construct the easiest C64 Emulator Box for the original C64 Case (Bread Box) and C64 Keyboard with minimal effort. Before that I’ve build four versions with a lot of hardware (Keyrah V2, Sinchai USB Joystick Adapter, Arduino Leonardo Keyboard Adapter, Arduino DUE Joystick and Keyboard Adapter, Banana Pi M1, Banana Pi M2 Board and Odroid C2 Board with 16 Channel I/O Expander HAT with MCP 23017)

Rebuild III: http://makeithappend.org/archives/2679
Rebuild II: http://makeithappend.org/archives/2101
Rebuild I: http://makeithappend.org/archives/1976

But now, you need the ODroid C2 Board only (without the 16 Channel Expander). With this solution you need only a few minutes to build the C64 Emulator Box (no soldering necessary), with a nice and easy User-Interface. 

All you need: some wires, 2 Joystick-Ports and the ODroid C2 Board. The SDCard Image you can download from this website (down below) is a “Ready To Use” Image with a C64 Emulator (very speed optimized version compared to the last 3 versions).

Only the C64 Games you have to transfer. Plug in an USB Stick with some C64 Games, then you can play directly from the USB Stick, or copy the Games from the USB Stick to an internal folder (maybe “Downloads”). For this you can use the internal Android File Manager (Press CTRL-Q in the Emu). 




Build steps:

  1. Download the SDCard Image (down below) and write it to a “SanDisk Ultra” 8 GB or 16 GB SDCard
  2. Build in the ODroid C2 Board and connect it with the C64 Keyboard and Joystick Ports

That’s it 🙂









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