Eight years EyeTV was my favorite TV Recoding System. But my Mac has to be powered on 24h/day if you want schedule recordings. That’s the reason why I’m using a Raspberry Pi 2 + OpenELEC since 2 years => link

But the big problem with this new solution is, you don’t have a nice Video-Cutter to cut the video to get rid of the commercials fast and easy. I know there are a lot Video-Editors for the Mac out there, but Ive tested a lot and the most are not good (Video/Audio not in sync, bad user interface) or to expensive. So I’ve made my own Video Cutter based on the GUI of the nice Video-Editor inside EyeTV. I’ve optimized some things for a better workflow, and added some functions.

I’m very happy with the result, because now I can cut my TV Recordings lossless without to Re-Encode the whole video file. I’m loading the “.ts” Video file and saving the result as “.mp4” File.

Hint: You have to select all the Parts which you want to keep (not to delete!). For me this was the most confusing thing with EyeTV, because here you have to select the Parts you want to delete. Normally in each video editing software you are selecting parts from a video you want to keep. That’s the reason why I maintain this principle.

Supported Formats: .3gp .m4v .mkv .mov .mp4 .ts .vob (include VIDEO_TS) also Subtitles

Tested with MacOS High Sierra.

Update Hint 28.04.2018: Fixed bad input video streams (after “Save” there was no video file)