Updated (11.04.2019): Added new functions:

– Record Audio with device selection
– Effect Options: Delay, Flange, Pitch Shift


The Mac Audio Editor has all main features to load, save, edit and convert audio files with the formats: 3gp, aac (m4a), aiff, flac, m4v, mkv, mov, mp3, mp4, ogg, ts, wav. You can use a lot of key shortcuts and arrange parts of an audio file in new audio file frames (1-4) via copy/paste shortcut keys. The exported file you can see and hear in the frame ‘E’ (it will be automatically selected after the file export).

What is different in contrast to other Audio Editors? You don’t need to click “Info” to see the Audio File specs. Also you don’t need to open an extra menu to export the edited audio file. Track “E” for the exported result, so you do not need to open an external file outside the app. A clear, small and easy GUI with no submenus.

Tested with MacOS High Sierra.