Mac Java App Builder (MacOS)

This is my new Tool to create a MacOS App from a Java Jar executable file (incl. JRE, this means that Java does not have to installed on the target computer!). The last years I’ve tried to make it simple and I was searching for a tool like this, but it doesn’t exist. The most tools are old and are not working with new Java versions, or they are commandline tools only, or they are complicated with countless options and submenus. 

My “Mac Java App Builder” is simple. Select the Jar file, select the Icon (PNG) and press “Create Mac App”. That’s it. As an Option you can set the maximum Memory Heap, hide the Dock-Icon for background apps and obfuscate the binary code.

If you have native libs and/or jars that your app is using, then export the executable jar with “Package required libraries into generated JAR” (Eclipse), and select the “Libs” folder in the Bundler App. If your app has no jars and no native libraries, then export the executable Jar with “Extract required libraries into generated JAR” (Eclipse).