Android Bootanimation Tool (MacOS)

If you have tried to create a file for Android, then you know how complicated it is. You need special software and special settings. There are a few tools to make it easier… but, they are not looking nice, the usual thing that you know from the Windows world. Anyway, I’ve written a new Bootanimation Tool for my Mac and Im very happy to have it. You can create bootanimations from scratch (“Add Images” button) or you can import an existing file with loop and delay. Also you can resize the whole animation, add text and images and place them to a specific position. You can play the animation and set a loop point. Finally you can export the animation into a file very easily with the “Export” Button.

Last but not least, you can transfer the new file to the Android device with the “Transfer to Device” Button. After the transfer it will play the Bootanimation automatically once. You can repeat it with the “Play” button. If your Android device is not connected (network connection only), then there is also a new “Connect” button with an IP input field. The console you don’t need anymore.