MIDI2Tones Converter Tool (MacOS)

It’s funny to play around with the GrovePi modules. Now I got a Grove Speaker Module and I wanted to test this new speaker. I wanted to play a song with the Speaker and some beep tones. This is the reason why I spend 3 days to create a Midi2Tones Converter that print me out a ready to use Arduino code, based on a Midi Track you can load into the converter. Also it’s possible to set some loop points. So you can cut a long song into a nice loop. Or you can export some loops and arrange all parts to one song. The export code is for Arduino, but you can use it easily in other environments. I’v inserted some nice to have features you can not see in the GUI. These features makes the life easy I think. So happy converting.

I’ve tested this converter with the newest MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 and is working fine without any issues. For Arduino you have to connect the Speaker with the Pin 8.