According to the motto “Simple, simpler, simplest“, I’ve done the simplest solution for the C64 Breadbox with only one Android Board: Odroid C2. You don’t need an Arduino Board or Keyrah for the C64 Keyboard or C64 Joysticks. I’ve used my new ThingsLib to get access to the GPIO Pins with Android.

This is what it looks like after all work is done.


Here are the previous Rebuilds:

Rebuild II: http://makeithappend.org/archives/2101
Rebuild I: http://makeithappend.org/archives/1976


What you need:

  • Original C64 Case
  • ODroid C2 (with Android 5.1.1 – v1.9)
  • 16 Channel I/O Expander HAT with MCP 23017 Chip or a plain MCP 23017 Chip
  • Some wires and a Power Supply with 5V/1.2A (6 Watt) and a Micro USB cable
  • My C64_ODroidC2.apk (attached to this post)
  • Also a HDMI Monitor with 1080p or 720p with 50Hz support (if you are using 60Hz then the emu will not produce smooth animations!) 

ODroid C2 for the C64 Emulation, C64 Keyboard and C64 Joysticks



1. C64 Joystick Ports


Joy1 Pin 1 2 3 4 6 8 Joy2 Pin 1 2 3 4 6 8
ODroid C2 18 16 15 13 12 21 ODroid C2 31 29 24 23 22 32

2. 16 Channel I/O Expander HAT with MCP 23017 chip for the C64 Keyboard


I’ve used an Adafruit Sample HAT and then soldered a MCP 23017 chip on it, because I wanted to use the C64 Keyboard Connector directly without 16 additional wires. But you can use also a ready to use 16 Channel I/O Expander like this from MLT: http://www.mlt-group.com/MCP23017-IO-Expander-HAT-for-Raspberry-Pi


C64 Keyboard Connector (C64 LED = ODroid C2 Pin 11): 


C64_OdroidC2.apk (Screenshot of the Emulation Menu, Scroll up/down with Joystick Port 2) 



Special hints: 

– If you want to make the C64 App as default Launcher, you have to select the app as default Launcher after the C64 Emulator start.

Download: <In order to finance everything that belongs to it, the downloads will be activated after a donation>

Thanks for your support!