It’s time for Android. The most Balancing Robots are based on Arduino. Here is my solution for Android. A smart solution with only 250IMG_20160712_065414957 lines of code.I’ve tried to build a simple but very stable balancer without any libraries (only my ThingsLib), that you can understand easily. Components I’ve used:.

  • ODroid C2 + Android  + ThingsLib + BEC 5V
  • Adafruit Motor HAT
  • MPU 6050
  • 2 Lego NXT Mindstorms Motors
  • 11,1V Lipo Battery (3s)



Hint: If the robot rotates in circle… then you have to reverse the polarity one of the motors. Android Boot time ~20s with a SanDisk Ultra 8GB SDCard. When the app is starting… the blue blinking LED will be switched off.


IMG_20160712_065533393 IMG_20160712_065645999 IMG_20160712_065745881