Tiny Arduino MP3 Sound Module V1.1

IMG_20160204_045220518After I solved the issues of the WTV020 Sound Module, now I fixed the issues of the FN-M16P aka MP3-TF-16P aka DFPlayer Mini MP3 Sound Module. I’ve read about a HUM Sound and that the library is not playing sounds. I’ve fixed all of these issues. I’ve used an Arduino Pro Micro 328/5V and piggedback the FN-M16P Sound Module, to save space. First you have to place all the mp3 files (0000.mp3, 0001.mp3, … 3000.mp3) into a new created “MP3” folder, because the Sound Module is not playing numbered selected files correctly in the root directory. Also you have to solder a 50 Ohm resistor between the SPK+ Pin and the Loudspeaker to reduce white noise. Then upload the “SoundModuleMP3” Arduino-Sketch via USB into the Arduino Pro Micro, and connect a loudspeaker. Ready. Power consumption: ~ 55mA