Raspberry Pi 2: ‘DVB-C|T|S’ TV Server with OpenELEC

  1. Go to “System” => “Settings” => “Add-ons” and press the left arrow on the left side of the screen, then “Check for updates”

    Then press “Install from repository” => “OpenELEC Media Center OS Add-ons” => “Add-on repository” => “Unofficial OpenELEC (RP2/arm) Add-ons” => Install

    Go back to “System” => “Settings” => “Add-ons” and click => “Install from repository” => “Unofficial OpenELEC (RPi/arm) Add-ons” => “Services” => “tvheadend” => Install

  2. Automatic Date/Time settings for the EPG and the recordings:

    Go to “System” => “OpenELEC” => “Network” => “NTP Servers”
    Timeserver #1: us.pool.ntp.org

  3. Shut down the Raspberry Pi 2, take the SDCard from the Raspberry Pi 2 and put it in your computer. Edit the “config.txt” file on the SDCard: add the lines max_usb_current=1 and hdmi_force_hotplug=1 at the bottom and save the file. Then put the SDCard back into the Raspberry Pi 2. Put back the SDCard into the Raspberry Pi 2 and boot.
  4. In the browser Web-Interface you have to edit this:

    DVR Log Retention Time (days): 4000 (hold the recordings 4000 days in the record list)