Health hazards

Most people are not aware about the risc (carcinogenic) they expose themselves.



A lot of Mouse-Pads contain “polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons” (carcinogenic).

Solution: Try to use “Felt” Mouse Pads: Öko-Test


Cables and Housing

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride): More than 70% of all cables are using a PVC jacket (with softener) and is considered Carcinogenic (

Short designations on the cable: V or Y: PVC

Solution: You should use halogen free cables with Textile jacket or cables with PE / LSZH  (Polyethylen / LSZH: low-smoke zero-halogen) and not PVC


Smartphones and Tablets (LTE/3G/GSM and Wifi)

The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans, associated with wireless phone use (

Solution: Use these devices only in “Offline-Mode” (use the apps offline, or use an Ethernet-Cable)

You can use the E-Smog Analyzer HF 35C to find potential sources.


Televisions / Computer-Screens

Some televisions and computer screens are not free from PVC/BFR (carcinogenic). Take a look at this report: Greenpeace



Also some keyboards are hazardous (carcinogenic): Link



Formaldehyd is a danger (carcinogenic, cough, headache, earache, nose and throat infections, respiratory and circulatory problems, dizziness, nausea to vomiting, insomnia, nervousness, depression, stress susceptibility, disorders of memory and allergic diseases (including asthma) are possible. Chronic stress with constant irritation of the lungs makes the mucous membranes are susceptible to pollen, mold and other environmental toxins). You can use the “Dräger Bio Check Formaldehydtest” (PZN: 7469421, 25€) to find potential sources.

Solution: Remove the contaminated source and / or use sheep wool e.g. interpreted in the form of carpeting (binds formaldehyde). Plants also can bind the formaldehyde: link



A lot of carpets contain “Pyrethroide” against moths. (Nerve poison => health effects: irritation of the skin: tingling, itching, burning, headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, nerve damage such as tremors, twitching, seizures, coma, risk of pulmonary edema).

There are sheep wool carpets without any of this: link



A lot of products are using leather. The problem is the Chrome VI (carcinogenic): link

Solution: Do not use leather products with chrome. There are other natural alternative without risc (naturally tanned)


It’s no surprise that more and more young people and children get cancer. The toxin concentrations are too high which are exposed everywhere in everyday life. If you are not informed, you are exposed to toxic substances clueless, and the companies continue to produce their toxic products.