Mac: Without Keyboard it doesn’t work! (V4)

Once you get used a PC Keyboard for a very long time, and switched from disdains PC to the pleasant Mac, then you got a problem with these keys: {}[]|<>@\ . And you can’t fix it in the System Settings.

After a long search session with google you will find something more or less helpfull software solutions. In 2006 I was in the same situation. It took me hours to create my own Keyboard Layout and moved it to /Library/Keyboard Layouts.

Today there are a few more tools for that, but a free swiss army knife I didnt found. Mostly you have to use two tools, especially to control the volume with a PC keyboard (Spark).

With my settings it was working fine, but it is still a software solution, and maybe with the next operation system update it will not working… and then the trail and error loop is starting again. Therefore I have summarily decided to build a hardware solution.

This is what you need:

  • Arduino Leonardo Board
  • USB Host Shield von DFRobot
  • My Arduino Sketch “Keyboard Mapper” (Remapper)


You have to stack the USB Host Shield on the Leonardo Board, connect the board with the Mini-USB Port to the mac and connect the PC keyboard with the USB Host Shield Port. Then you have to upload the Sketch into the Leonardo Board. Ready! Now it should be working. The Settings-Menü you can reach with ALT-ESC (before this you should open a Text-Editor). To control the volume of your mac you can use F3 (mute), F4 (down) und F5 (up).



If you don’t like the Hardware Solution, then you can use the “KeyRemap4MacBook” that is working also for all other Mac Computers, also MacMini. => Homepage

Here are the settings do you need (German Keyboard Layout):


Hint for the KeyRemap4MacBook App: Also you have to change the Modifier Keys (System Preferences => Keyboard)