Switching to MacOS – Everything you need

If you listen closely, you will realize that a lot of people would like to switch to MacOS, but then they have to replace all their software. Partly because they paid for it. Because if you switch, you’d lose money. This is of course fatal, because not to switch makes you not happy in the long run, for the reason of a possible money loss.

Before I switched to MacOS (~10 years ago) I spent 8300€ for 3D Studio Max, 1200€ for Cubase SX and hundreds of Euros for other software. Nevertheless, I switched to MacOS because I was tired of Windows. It didn’t take a week without problems. When I switched, software and hardware support didn’t look so good, but nevertheless it was worth it.

However, this has changed dramatically. Today, MacOS software can be found like sand on the sea, and there is no place left with a gap. The software I use covers every area from hardware programming to 3D printing, image composing, music and video production. And most of it’s free. For Apple Software like Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Motion I never had to pay for updates since 5 years. Great!


Name Section Price  
Safari Internet Free  
Mail Email Free  
Libre Office Office Free  
Easy Find File search Free  
Photos Photo Free  
VirtualBox OS Emulation Free  
FileZilla FTP Free  
Arduino IDE Hardware Free  
Eclipse Programming Free  
Blender 3D Animation Free  
KODI Mediaplayer (TV, Video) Free  
VLC Audio/Video Player Free  
Slic3er 3D Print Free  
Cura 3D Print Free  
XYZware 3D Print Free  
Logic Pro Music Production 229€  
Final Cut Pro Videocut 329€  
Motion Animation 2D/3D 55€  
CoolTerm Serial Connection Free  
DVD Player Video Free  
Handbrake Video Free  
Pixelmator Image Editor 39€  
TextWrangler Text-/Code-Editor Free  
WinBottler Windows -> MacOS App Free  


This is just a small excerpt. There are still a lot of free tools to use. The most important thing is that you don’t search for 1:1 Windows software, but comparable. That’ll make you happy, too.

Anyway, I don’t miss anything, although I do a lot of different things with the Macintosh. And the most important thing: All the Windows problems are gone. Happyness.