Android Gamepad TouchMapper – Without Root / PC

The usual solutions with a rooted device and some apps like Tincore Keymapper, Gamekeyboard, Gampad 2 Touch, Sixaxis Controller, is often a hard way because it’s not always easy to hack your device and you lose any manufacturer’s warranty. There are also apps that work without root, like the Archos Mapping Tool or NVidia Gamepad Mapper, which only work for Archos and NVidia devices, or the awkward solution via a PC, but in the end these are not very universal and simple solutions.

That’s why I thought about designing my own simple app, which doesn’t need all this stuff, and is so easy to use that you don’t have to struggle with complicated tutorials and training time.

The result is my new “Gamepad TouchMapper” App, which works with a small Arduino Board via USB, that you can get anywhere for little money. Then all you need to do is connect one of the standard and popular consoles gamepads via USB (PS4, PS3 Sixaxis or XBox One Controller) and you can start right away without worrying about how to hack my device or which client/server programs to install on Android and the PC.

How to use:

– Plug in the USB Arduino Board, wait and ack some permissions
– Plug in the USB Gamepad and enter the “Settings”

That’s it. Fast and simple.


Gamepad TouchMapper Demo: GooglePlay

Gamepad TouchMapper Full: GooglePlay



You can choose one of these Arduino boards, then you can play almost any touch game with the Gamepad (PS4, PS3 Sixaxis or XBox One Controller). 


Hint: With the new Amazon Tablet 10 HD 2017 you have to connect the USB-Arduino-Device first and then the USB-Gamepad (the PS4-Controller is not working).