Realtime Photo Transfer (Android -> MacOS)

If you need some photos or videos from your Smartphone or Tablet immediately and also resized in a folder of your Mac, then the usual Photo Sync / Backup Apps are a bit complicated, and some have problems with LAN Ethernet network connections. The “Realtime Photo Transfer” App automates the whole process, and you can scan the Mac Photo Server IP Address with the Android Device Camera as QR-Code. Fast and easy.

New Version 28.01.2019: Fixed Crash after App Start with Android 8.1



Install Steps:

1. Download the Mac “Realtime Photo Transfer Server” App -> HERE

Start the Server App and select the Taskbar-Icon: “Show Settings” to select the “Save to” Photo folder


2. Download the Android “Realtime Photo Transfer” App -> HERE

Open the App and press “Scan IP-Address QR-CODE”, then hold the camera in front of the opened Mac “Realtime Photo Transfer Server” App (Settings Window) with the QR-CODE

Hint: Both apps (Mac and Android) start in the backgorund after every device boot, so you never have to start anything. Your Mac and your Android Smartphone must be in the same network (Wifi or Ethernet).


How to use the automatically photo transfer:

1. Open the Android Realtime Photo Transfer App and press “Confirm and Connect” 
2. Open a Camera App and take some photos or videos

Thats’ it. After some seconds you will find your photos resized (if you enabled it) in your Mac Folder. Then these files you can use immediately.

Hint: if the app is connected, then in the Service Monitor-Icon you will see a “R”, not a “X”