Grove Pi Lib for Android (Odroid C2)


First, I liked Raspberry Pi, but after a deeper look I can say: “It’s complicated” with Linux. And I don’t like complicated things. I want to make it easy and that’s the reason why I’m using Android for everything. Android has everything I need, and especially the Odroid C2 with Android is working perfect. With Linux you have to install everything for everything. You need the terminal console so much. Maybe with Ubuntu you have less to type, but also there you have to install countless packages. Again, with Android you will get a ready to use package and there is nothing you have to install. Use it, and be happy.

That’s the reason why I ported the GrovePi System to Android version 5.1.1 (Hardkernal Android Version 2.0). Especially the GrovePi HAT you can plug on the top of the ODroid C2 Board, because the 40 Pin Header is 100% compatible. And with my GrovePiLib for Android you have access to all Grove Ports and Grove Modules.

Supplement: It looks like that Alphabet (Google) have seen it like me, because 2 weeks ago (14.12.2016) they ported Android to Raspberry Pi 3. I’ve tested the new Android Things OS with the Raspberry, and I can say, yes it’s usable with Raspberry Pi. Now I have 2 Boards to work with them.


img_20161208_013306596   img_20161208_013339139         

This is not the end. From time to time I will update the GrovePi Android Lib with additional modules. But you can also create new modules easily. Take a look at the examples and modules, and you will see how easy it is to make it happen.


Update to v2 (21.12.2016):

I’ve rewritten the GrovePi+ Library completely and added a lot of new features. After the App start it will check the GrovePi+ Firmware. If the Firmware is < 2.00 then the app will start a Firmware-Update automatically (you will see some Firmware update text lines, the Firmware update need ~1 min). The Firmware 2.00 is compatible to the old Firmware 1.22


Supported Grove Modules:

  • Analog Air Quality
  • Analog Joystick
  • Analog Rotary Angle Knob
  • Analog Slider
  • Analog Sound Sensor
  • Digital 4 Digit Display
  • Digital Button
  • Digital Buzzer
  • Digital Dust Sensor
  • Digital Ear Clip Heart Rate Sensor
  • Digital IR Receiver/Transmitter R/C (Learn/Send)
  • Digital LED
  • Digital LED Bar
  • Digital LED Strip Driver *New*
  • Digital Relais
  • Digital RGB Chainable LEDs
  • Digital Rotary Encoder
  • Digital Speaker
  • Digital Switch
  • Digital Temperatur Humidity Sensor
  • Digital PIR Sensor
  • Digital Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Digital Vibration Motor
  • Digital WS2812 LED Strip *New*
  • I2C ADC
  • I2C Barometer BMP 180
  • I2C Baromoter  BMP 280
  • I2C Colorduino incl. Firmware-Uploader (ISP/SPI)   *New*
  • I2C LCD RGB Background Display
  • I2C Light Sensor TLS 2561
  • I2C Motor Driver / Stepper
  • I2C MPU 9250 Accelerometer/Gyro
  • I2C OLED 128×64 Display
  • I2C OLED 96×96 Display
  • I2C RTC 1307
  • I2C RTC 3231
  • I2C Servo-Board Mini (Adafruit)
  • I2C Temperature Humidity HDC1000
  • Serial Fingerprint Sensor