Apple Keyboard Arduino Mapper V4

Update 14.06.2017: Updated to version 4 (after years, now I’ve fixed the Device Power on issue, because with the earlier versions you had to press the Reset Button)

As you can see in my
post in 2013, I’ve made a Keyboard ReMapper for OSX with Arduino, because of the fact these keys: {}[]|<>@\  are not working.

Now I’m working with my new Apple Keyboard… and this Apple Keyboard has a build in Usb Hub and the old Arduino Keyboard ReMapper is not working anymore. This is the reason for the new version.

The Settings-Menu you can reach with ALT-ESC (before this you should open a Text-Editor). To control the volume of your mac you can use F10 (mute), F11 (down) und F12 (up).