About Me

When I was 3 years old, armed with two screws, one in each hand, and pushed them through the holes of a 220 Volt electrical socket, pressed down firmly with my thumbs, this must have been probably a dramatic experience for me, that I am now very interested in electrical equipment. Anyway, my thumbs were bright red afterwards. From now on, I always wanted to know what’s behind it, take it all apart and look inside. At first I was destroying everything, later I repaired some devices from time to time. The best Christmas for me was in 1983 when I got a home computer, the Commodore 64 with Datasette. From then, my parents have seen me sporadically only. That was the beginning of my interest in AI. I wanted to make my program a little intelligent. It should be able to converse with me. But it turned out that my knowledge was insufficient to realize this project. So I contented myself with the game programming in assembly language. 30 years later it’s time to come back to the AI.

The last 30 years I have used the time to be an electronics technician, to conclude a computer science degree, created a lot of

Software (DreamRobot was my Idea, made by myself, sold in 2004: Link),
3D/Music (First Place Music-Video Contest: Link),
Films (Documentary about eSport: Link)

and Artificial Intelligence (AI research 1984-2017), attempting the behavior of people for possible software models, so I eventually have enough information to be able to solve the AI ​​problem.

Since a long time I wanted to make something with robots, but only now I am versed a little bit with Arduino hardware, Mindstorms robot and Android, so I think that everything fits now. I’m going to plow a new field for me: Robots. And I’ll try to document everything here on this website. It will be not AI stuff only, rather all I need on this way. So there will be plenty of sideshows and I think some interesting things for the visitors. So, happy entertainment.

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